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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 28, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> andrea: bob's tattoo removal strategy will be a game-changer. >> bob: people wil thank me for doing that. >> eric: got to go. that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow, everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to "red eye." who is off doing not this. i am your replace meant ref for the night. tom, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story. samuel l jackson wants us all to wake the f up and support president obama. and by f, we know what he means? follow yes, sirs in his cup. folgers in his cup. and rachel maddeaux has found something. mitt romney is doomed. and victoria secret has had to
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remove its sexy geisha outfit because of complaint from a group that is apparently tired of trying to blot out the sun and remove any joy from the world. >> see you at the half. let's welcome our guests. it is sherrod small. he thinks he is honey boo-boo. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story of the. >> has the one bough ma campaign gone all -- has the obama campaign gone all snakes on a plane? they are sending up the book "go the f to sleep" has been unveiled. "wake the f up" that is penned by adams mamsback was funded by the. >> wish con sigh for re-- by the jewish council.
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stick this in your eye hole, you eye hole stickers. >> sorry, my friend, there is no time to snore. an out of touch millionaire declared war on the schools and environment and fair pay. we are on our own if romney has his way. he is against safety nets. if you fall, tough luck. i strongly suggest you wake the [bleep] up. >> the romney countered back about how they need to wake up. it is more safe for work. >> i am mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> were you quite taken with that video. >> you do a lot of advertising and video work. do you think something like this works? is footage of sam jackson going to mobilize unenthusiastic voters ? >> i don't see how it possibly could. >> viral videos are seen as a massive force that helps sell millions of things and gets people off their couches, but i don't believe it. and choosing sam jackson was weird. he was the guy who admitted to "ebony" who said he voted for barack obama because he is black. and he said "his message don't mean [bleep] to me." >> he is not a good spokesman. >> he narrated go the [bleep] to sleep. so they chose him to do this too. >> we can't use him because he said all politics are racial and people vote because they
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look like him. >> i don't think they really care. they clearly never have googled anything they are talking about. >> samuel l jackson i thought was great in "the avengers" so he is right in this video. >> i completely agree with you. >> sherrod, it is a really well done video. but you say it will scare white people? >> it don't take much to scare white people, right? any samuel l movie can do that. >> that's not true. >> if you listen so -- >> i'm gonna punch you in your damn face, gavin. if they are like, i voted for the president because erkle told me you are a dumb ass. >> but we see it every election. celebrities come out and they do it over and over again. >> but i would rather celebrities come out and say something rather than just be like, republicans wear sneakers. just say what you feel, and be
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a part of what you are a part of. i have no problem with you. >> i think they do it more to entertain themselves. this is samuel l jackson entertaining himself and a few kids. but other than that, who is looking at this and saying he said this so i will change my mind. >> i am a big kid. >> he is going for the tango market. what are you ll's dad? >> how can that hatten fiewr yait you -- enfuriate you? >> it is an early 80s break dancing hat and he thinks we can't see he is bald. it puts me in the mind of l.l. cool j which is a good thing. >> but it is like mtv wraps and you need to be next to downtown julie brown wearing that. >> the fake british accent. >> does it make you sad that obama has cooler friends than romney does? >> no.
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it makes me sad they used an eight-year-old girl in this. i don't care about samuel l jackson cursing and his nonsense, that didn't bother me. it bothered me because they used a kid. i hate that they use them as props and then shove the talking points down their throat and have them spew it like a puppet. >> what else are kids good for other than being props? >> i don't want to be professor priorities over here, but maybe this kid was unloaded with a bunch of f-bombs. there is no bleep in that building. that was after the fact. >> you additioned for the role of the little girl in the film. you are not objective about this. >> i was waiting to hear back, and i just saw that right there and was crushed. i would call my agent if i had one. >> is that who you kept calling and they said we haven't made a decision, and then there it is. >> i send them a pic.
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nothing sexual, just me in pig tales, thought it would sweeten the deal, but i guess not. i don't think it will sway anybody. my theory is that might be adam's daughter. >> keep kids out of politics. >> kids can't vote, so shut up. >> i don't like to see kids winning adult things of the i don't see kids doing stand up. i don't want to see them putting out fires. >> i think the only exception is they don't mind hearing babies talk about abortion. >> they have steaks. >> moving on now. from liberals to libya, it took a week to say what we knew in a day. sources tell fox news that the u.s. intoll inteligence -- intelligence officers that it was terrorism. it took the white house seven days to admit it. the senior u.s. officials say they pegged the terrorism from the start in order to unlock
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and mobilize the resources to respond. by september 12th, the intel community knew al-qaeda was involved. yet three days after the strike, the cia director maintained it was an out of control protest triggered by a youtube video that was shocking to some people in the room that saw the same intel pointing toward an act of terror. a few republican lawmakers said they withheldacts for political reasons since an election year, allegedly anyway. >> gavin, what is the big deal here? all they did was lie to the american people. >> there are three reasons this is huge. one, it is a huge cover up. when people are mad, they don't use rpg's and mortars. they use rocks and maybe a monthly to have -- and maybe a molotov cocktail. the media are happily toeing the -- towing the line. and the third thing is these intelligence officials are so sick of the president that they are going around him and
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talking to the press and spilling the beans. they must be that disgruntled that they want to betray him. >> that's a really good point. the intel officials are not -- >> i never heard of keeping secrets. when does this happen. >> if you ask the average person on the street why did they attack us, and they said because of the movie. they believe the dumb nonsense. >> why do we want people to believe that? jay maybe they don't want people thinking every 9/11 they will attack us in a different way and kill our ambassadors. they don't want the whole country thinking that. they don't want to believe in that. we fed them nonsense and they bit it. >> that's not why obama fed the nonsense. he fed the nonsense because no one would see terrorism on his watch. >> you don't like obama, do you? >> he is still not using the word terrorist. he is not saying this is a terrorist attack. he was out there talking about the foreign policy. strong guy. terrorism doesn't begin and
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end with osama bin laden. he knows that, and now he does. he takes down the foreign policy creds. >> what is his strong point? >> sherrod is right about one thing. when you go out there and you say this is about a movie, about a movie enough times, your average voter who is not watching the news all the time buys into that. >> i am disagreeing with the motive. >> it was effective, but the motive was to help his election. >> they easily could have gone gone -- they could have said from the start which is what they should have said, we don't know and we are investigating. but they came out and made it clear, this happened because of the video. they were not trying to hedge anything. and now it comes out as most people figured out from the start that that's not true, but it doesn't seem to be making them look -- >> that would have been the coincidence of a lifetime that they broke in there on 9/11.
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>> they were protecting the people on the ground. >> are you giving me that too? if -- >> you wouldn't need to lie. you would just say we don't have the information. instead of saying this is a spontaneous attack that was not planned. now everybody knows they lied to us. they could have been vague and not given details. >> most voters ain't paying attention to it. >> i don't understand why americans are not angry. they killed an ambassador of ours. now we realize there was a terrorist attack that was covered up, and still people are going, does romney's hair look like regan's? >> the media is much more concerned with romney possibly saying something clumsy than they are about this entire thing. i don't understand that. isn't the media's job to get the facts out?
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>> yet it still amazes me. >> it is like people don't know. if you went out there and surveyed people on the street right now and said what happened in libya? they said they killed the ambassador. >> i do that at least once a week, and here is what i found out. they don't know what libya is. they think it is a gynecological thing. >> that is what i found out. and i am in the heart of america, namely time square. >> meanwhile, gavin, it has been 16 days since the attack. 17 by the time it airs. the fbi has yet to set foot in benghazi. what is going on? >> it is pearl harbor. >> what about when we killed that dude that started the first world war? that was kind of a big deal. >> he was a jerk. >> serbs killed him and it started a world war.
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instead of retaliation we go on talk shows. i want to pound them. i want to line them up and punch them and not just punch them like bonk. i want to cave in all of their faces. >> you can't make out where the eyes are. >> eyes, baby's butt. >> you know, every administration does this. >> they get crucified. >> why isn't this in the news? >> the media has to protect their candidate. >>- q. i this has to be on -- >> this has to be a fox news talk show where it never happened. >> it will never, ever happen. i don't understand where you are coming from. >> i will be big picture billy here. are you safer now than you
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were four years ago? i believe through president obama's leadership we are. we are droning more. we are safer. how many attacks have happened? >> when i first heard about this story, my immediate reaction was the same as most americans, i wonder what bill schulz will have to say about this. >> that's why barack obama hasn't declared this a terrorist attack. he needs bill to prove it. >> you can make fun of me and my unwashed hair all you want. >> will this end up having an impact on the election, or is sherrod right and people are not going to care? >> i think the economy is the number one issue and that's where it will stick. >> she can say it, but she will need the sub titles. >> do i have time for the next story? yes, i do. >> save it for tomorrow. >> shut up, bill. do frito-lays belong in sick
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bays 1234* michael bloomburg's latest health campaign aimes to remove junk food from the hospitals. they have had reduced calories in patient meals and limited the sale of unhealthy snacks in vending machines. now they are banning deep fryers and making leafy green salads an option. and requiring half of all sandwiches be made with the whole grains. quote, if there is any place that should not allow smoking, you would think it would be the hospital. if there is any place -- sir, you are banning it any place. >> do you get those like cheerios? >> i am going with yes.
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>> jedediah, where will bloomburg start? is there no corner we can crawl into where we will not have a big bag of chips? >> he could have done this in a nonnanny state way. how about you leave what they have and you lead the fried food. people want to eat that, fine. and then offer some salads. you want to offer whole grain options. you know i am a healthy food nut. fine. you don't have to take them away. you have people visiting and people who are suffering. they want to munch on something. they don't want to munch on lettuce and tomatoes. >> forget the patients for a minute. they are stuck. visiting somebody in the hospital sucks. why does bloomburg want to make it worse? >> he wants you to visit somebody in the hospital and not be a patient in the same hospital with your diabetes. he wants to open a market full of some other people to be selling stuff outside the hospital.
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who cares? there will be an african dude selling books and snickers. >> why does he have to be african? >> is it hipocritical to sell junk food or hipa-terrific. >> it is hungry hipo. >> i don't know if you ever jumped over a fire in the nude and had someone hit you so hard you land on the fire and you have third-degree burns on your ass? >> i have been to the er pretty often, and the people there are huge. >> they have these special chairs and they are all taken up. they came straight out of the table. and she was mad the doctors -- the doctor's medication didn't fix them. the doctor said they had to change the doors to make them bigger. and they are having to custom make the wheelchair. they had one gurney, and he said, that's the normal one
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now. so in their defense, but making hospitals watch this is cruel to the staff. it is like making a band bring girlfriends on tour. >> one of the vns that jesus is not coming back because he sees the cross and the churches and it reminds him of what he went through. you hospital make somebody go through something that makes their life hell. the staff shouldn't have to look at what is ruining their life. >> interesting. >> last word to you. >> i will go back to the question you asked jedediah. yes, there is a quarter of -- a corner of new york where people can have their mountain dew and their giant bag of nuts. i know exactly what you are doing after the show. >> last word, isn't it wrong
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that you go to a hospital and you won't be able to get doctor pepper? >> or dr. j. >> all i want to do is a zoom a zoom, zoom and a boom boom. not a story, just something i was texted last night. first, did victoria secret pull this outfit for being racist? you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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well, the airplane joke flew over her head. earlier this week rachel maddeua was talking about windows not opening. mitt was making a funny, or was he? the msnbc host ran the tape and then sat there, mouth a gape. >> when you have a fire in an
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aircraft there is no place to go exactly. you can't find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft. the windows don't open. it is a real problem. >> it is a real problem that the windows don't roll down on airplanes? is it also a problem guns don't shoot backward from the barrel this way or diving boards are mounted over deep water? why don't the windows roll down? i don't think he was joking because he couldn't be joking about his wife almost being in a plane crash. you can't joke about that especially with her standing there. >> i guess if you shut your eyes when are you pontif pho indicating it makes it all right. >> in other media on media or mom news, it was intended to be satire and paul ryan has given romney the nickname stemp. stench. there was a conversation where he said stuff like, quote,
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steel stench i am having finger sandwiches and will text him later. a bunch of journalists ago at the present -- accepted it as fact. let's go live to the "red eye" media correspondent. >> i feel like he wasn't looking for bias. gavin, maddeau said he was super intelligent. >> actually she makes good points and she works hard. she doesn't have a family orchids. she is probably a work-aholic. she must be ignorant to be able to sit there with the smug face and pretend that she thinks he doesn't understand
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how flying works. that's what i mean about the liberals not googling it. has she even seen the video? did she just read it and assume -- i can't get how she could possibly believe that is true. and to make a mistake that stupid and then have the audacity to go -- after you -- so you would -- have you become a parity of yourself. >> i totally agree. >> but maybe mitt is on to something. it would be nice if you could crack an aircraft window. not all the way, just a crack. get like the guy next to you of the. >> ann romney, what is she wearing? she is wearing a tech gnaw color dream coat. now to the window. >> roll the window down? in a pressurize airplane? >> she shouldn't be talking seriously. >> they have become so humor less with the political correctness. they can't even understand how people -- they can't speak
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english anymore. >> jedediah, conservatives are not funny. only liberals are funny. why are these liberals not getting the jokes? >> it is not funny and we have to paint them to be dummies. it was very entertaining. i feel like if she didn't have a psychiatrist already she would get one. this shook her up. she was very concerned that mitt romney was too stupid to know what he was talking about. it is the media being media. i know are you personally outraged that maddeau made the observation. >> i am going to definitely say that romney was kidding, although i i wouldn't say he was helping the theory that the conservatives can't be funny. that was a knee slapper of a joke. to address the nickname thing, the stench was a joke, but i have it on good authority from my insiders in the belt way that ryan's -- romney's
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nickname is abbie for his abs and ryan calls him buddy. that is your nickname. >> i feel like inside the belt way you mean your gut? >> i saw a mole that looked like betty near my butt. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and do you have a video of your animal doing something not bore ?g go to fox eye and click on submit a video. still to come, half time report from tom shaw lieu. >> it is the domestic bird with brown or black feathers. thanks, chicken.
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to tom shallou. >> is that why you come to me? >> that's why i always come to you. >> great show so far. the first story, samuel jackson. sherrod, you said celebrities should say what they feel. just don't beat around the bush. come out and say it. the whole first half of the show, who are you voting for, sherrod? >> obama.
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unless mitt romney does something racially hilarious before then. if he does something racially hilarious i cooperate look at myself in the face. i couldn't look myself in the face. i would have voted for him, but mormons don't allow black people to be priests. that's awful. >> are you still giving grief about that? >> i was trying to be a mormon priest and they gave me tbreef. >> you know, sherrod that when mitt romney claimed he heard the news that the mormon church was going to allow black ministers, is that correct? >> yes. >> he pulled over to the side of the road and he wept. >> that's cool. >> was it joy or grief? what was it for? >> and then he became a catholic. >> was it because he was happy? >> he describes that -- he describes how he was emotionally moved. he actually wept tears of joy.
3:33 am
>> was he one of those people fighting to get it done? >> what do the tears of joy tell you? >> i want to see what he was doing to help make that come about. >> i want to know if he was like this ain't right. >> he was actually driving to go and give them a long lecture on why they should do it. he was actually crying because he realized all of the work he had done. >> we have all been in that situation. it is tough. >> plus, he works for the olympics. that's silly with black people. >> that's hard to argue. >> i don't know if he is working track and field. >> silly with black people.
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i think that is for 2016 that is what they are working with. >> speaking of which -- >> speaking of silly with plaque people. with black people. >> we are just a little goofy with black people. we are not in the category of silly. >> gavin, you mentioned the cap. you referred to it as a cap from the 1980s. it was actually created in 1938? >> yes, i would believe that. as with all fashion labels, they have their zenith and it exploded when l.l. cool j wore won on the debut album which i believe was 1986? >> it just shows it don't matter when it came out. it is when black people used it. >> conversely, fred perry was around since the 1950s, but
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when the nazi skin heads started wearing it it was cool. >> skin heads or black. >> and rude boys and chelseas and -- >> to be fair on wick caw peaked yaw, it doesn't describe it as a swreen nit. it says -- a zenith, it says it has entered entered a new phase. >> they are actually being mass produced. >> don't you hate that hat though? isn't it irritating on an old man? >> it is quite silly. >> it is worse than a -- a fedora with flip-flops. the next story, the terrorism story, andy, i have a question. why would obama -- i still want to know why obama would keep pressing this? it doesn't seem like it makes sense politically. it seems obvious he is telling a truth -- an untruth over and
3:36 am
over again. >> it won't be reported as heavily as when, say, i don't know romney or somebody like that says something weird. that's what i can think of. why not at the beginning just say we don't know yet? >> exactly. >> sherrod seems to think that people are going to -- that it is obvious because it was on 9/11. but you said yourself, it is obvious it could be -- it couldn't be a coincidence we were hit on 9/11. what coincidence would that be? >> i am not everybody. >> i know better. you can't tell me it is over a movie. first of all, nobody watched that damn movie. no one in the crowd watched the movie. nobody in america watched the movie. >> jedediah said everyone in america who is paying attention knows he is lying. what percentage is that?
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>> i think a lot of people are paying attention now to the fact he was lying. it was spontaneous. now they are hearing hillary clinton say, for example, this is a terrorist attack. obama has to reference terrorism out of the blue when we thought this was about a movie. people are paying attention now. initially though they said, okay, this is about the film. >> hillary was one of the first to admit it. she is protecting her own reputation. >> she admitted it after she spent a ton of time blaming it on the movie. they put all of the commercials in pakistan saying, yes, it is all about the movie. she made a ton of mistakes before she came out and did something right which is a plob. >> the media should not say, hey, the president said it was this and that's what we believed. you are the media. do your job. >> i am trying to do my job right now and trying to move on to the next story. >> before you go on, can we be clear all of the other riots were based on the movie?
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and it was libya that was a tries attack? that's the -- that was a terrorist attack. >> so they say. although 9/11 was from the other countries as well. >> throughout the week there were more things that seemed to be based on the movie like in pakistan. >> it wasn't based on the movie though. >> all i am trying to make clear was libya was unique. it was strategic attack that obama tried to cover up. >> sherrod, you said bloomburg, he doesn't want people -- he wants people visiting a hospital and not being a patient in the hospital from diabetes. don't you think obviously that the time to watch your snacks is before you get -- it doesn't matter. you are in the hospital already. >> that was the patients. the people visiting the hospital, you don't have to sit there and eat sugar -- sugary stuff. now you are back.
3:39 am
>> are you saying he has diabetes and then two weeks after eating the snack? >> next story. >> wait a second. gavin, you came out in favor of the regulation. >> well, the problem request medicine and obesity and the cost of hospitals in the er is you get into a libertarian hole where it is actually going to become expensive to treat these people. it is not a matter of normal freedoms like you can't have a gun or you can't play sports in this park or can't ride your bike over here to let -- to have a populous if this is obese, this obese is going to get expensive. >> you can make the same argument about guns saying, oh it is expensive to treat people for gunshot wounds. >> not if you are a good shot. >> the gunshot wounds are from
3:40 am
illegal guns. legal guns don't kill people. >> i didn't know that. i uh poll gites. i apologize. >> libertarian hole, is that the name of your new bar? >> i'm good. >> thanks a lot. nice job. coming up, is this japan's hottest new fashion trend? if so, when is the next flight to japan.
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is it racist or just racy? victoria secret has removed its go east collection of asian-inspired lingerie after blogger backlash. they called the sexy geisha outfit seen here for bad taste saying it perpetuates the sexualization of asians. the item described as your ticket to exotic adventure features a sexy mesh teddy with eastern-inspired florals. considering the complicated history of geishas repurposing the look for a major
3:44 am
corporation seems a bit tasteless. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> oh, come on. that's haitin right there. >> i think they did that on purpose. >> i think we just forgot. >> sherrod. sherrod, as a expert on the history of geishas, does this woman have a point? >> no. the only thing that made it geisha is she was holding the fan. so it is like they hillary brand it and set -- they will rebrand it and send it back out. >> it has that dohickey on the back. >> what is the dohickey? >> i don't want that off. i like it. >> you can find it separate. >> what about the french maid outfit? is that offensive to french people? >> everything is offensive. i like the outfit. i would buy the outfit. it is not racist. next it is halloween costumes that are problematic. keep your political correctness out of my
3:45 am
lingerie, please. >> it is already a halloween costumes. >> but there is nothing weird about this. it is ridiculous. >> bloggers are the worst. >> they don't get that this is not like if you said to a japanese person, did you know there is geisha lingerie in america? >> this is cool. >> it is one of the most popular books in america. the geishas in that book were put on a pedastool. >> it is always good when it is white people of the you shouldn't do that. it is offensive. and now asians are going -- >> what are you doing? we love geishas. >> you would think -- if they hadn't called this sexy little geisha would anybody have noticed? >> nobody. >> i might have a problem with catholic schoolgirl uniforms. that's getting kind of gross. but geishas are supposed to be sexy, beautiful ladies. these humorous peacey liberals are trying to kill fun and
3:46 am
ruin humor and ban jokes, and now they are trying to stop people from being horny. when it is a blogger versus a boner, what do you think will win? you can't go against the making love demo. they are a powerful group. >> is it tougher to be a sexy geisha for halloween? >> when people told me last year that they felt it was offensive, now i see what they were talking about. i had no idea. i love the line, oh this is the most recent example of sexual eyeing an asian. they are not sexualizing asians. they are sexualizing sexy, sexy women who like to be sexual and do sexy things. >> like you said during the break, the woman in the ad isn't asian. >> no. >> does that make it better or worse? >> i don't know. if there was an asian in that ad would we be having this conversation or would we be more outraged? >> i think it is worse. she took this job from a hard-working asian actress. get the asians in there working.
3:47 am
>> why is it if this is the one that angered us the most? >> time to take a break when we return. when we return, tonights' musical guest, franky smith.
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all right. the next topic. people are going to start to think that extreme body modification is crazy. bagel heads are big in japan. a recent episode of "taboo" examined the bizarre beauty treatment that involves injecting saline into the forehead and then pressing the swollen area with a thumb. it lasts about 16 hours and is said to be a hit in the underground body modification. sherrod, what the hell? >> the japanese are always so much more advanced than us. it will only be a year or two before we are doing it. the nice bagel head. some lochs on there. >> it is a bagel with lochs. gavin, i am told you have some experience with this.
3:52 am
i think we have a photo. >> i have been into this for a longtime. >> yes, i got my kids into it. >> i love it. >> he loves it. the kids love it. we will be pursuing it a lot more. >> if his name is dunkin, shouldn't he use a donut? >> that is a donut. >> that would be a lovely frame. >> jedediah, do they inject saline into other parts of their body. >> it looks like a breast implant on the forehead. >> i i am the one getting the bagel on my head. >> yes, it does. it is anti-sametic. >> this is what i don't get about botox. this is certainly what i don't
3:53 am
get about the bagel is you don't know the long lasting affects of this. the say 11 is in your system -- the saline is in your system. the long-term affects of this is not known. you are killing yourself weird people of the world. >> i want to get this done. >> it is horrible. it is not good. >> rapper snoop dogg is defending smoking marijuana with his 18-year-old son. earlier this month the d-o-double-g tweeted a photo of himself lighting a dad's bong. he said my kids can do what they want. if not it would be hipocritical. a lot of people don't have relationships. me and my son is mellow. i am his father and i want to show him the proper way because he looks up to me. what better way to get it than from the master. father of the year? >> i want snoop to adopt me, but if he has a relationship with his son who is 18 years
3:54 am
old? he is not a minor, so he is ?op dog. ?op doge. snoop dogg he can do what he wants. >> if he does it in the public what does he do in private? >> does he have a point that he would be a hipocrite if he told his kid not to smoke weed? >> i mean the kid is 18. he is an adult technically. >> all parents are hipocrites. it is part of being a parent. it is being a hipocrite. do as i say. not as i do. it is the history of parenting. >> would you smoke out with your kid? >> i would never do that with my kid. it is bad to smoke pot between 18 and 25. it kills your will. >> kills brain cells. >> it kills your ambition. and who wants to be stoned around their dad? you and your dad giggling and your dad going oh, dude, dude, and then it comes out and you are like, what? i don't want to see my dad doing that. >> it is different if your dad is snoop. >> are you 18 and you don't
3:55 am
have a job and your dad is snoop dogg you smoking his stuff. >> he doesn't have a job. you smoke all you want, man. >> if you smoked weed with your daughters would they still be around? >> they would still come around. here is the mistake this kid made. it doesn't matter what your personal opinions are of the unless he has a medical marijuana card what he was doing with his dad was illegal. my advice would have been his first tweet to be like, sad face, got the glaucoma and then the next one after that he shows like, oh, happier face, medical marijuana with my daddio. kids can say daddio. >> all the time. >> that's what kids do. >> bottom line, kids don't do drugs and parents, don't do drugs with your kids.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" return appearances from new york times best selling author ann coulter and terry sappart. time to go back to tom shallou. >> tell us about your show on b.e.t. >> it is hosted by t.j. holmes. it starts on october 1st and i will be on the third. it is like this, but more black people. >> i love that. i love that. jedediah where can see you? >> on "hannity" be there or i will get a bagel. >> it is the best food in new york city. please come down to the cardinal. 234 east 4th street near b. great fried chicken and homemade bacon and all of that stuff. >> what? >> i like. >> back to


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